Roberto Durrieu Jr.


Estudio Durrrieu Abogados S.C
MaipĂș 1300, piso 6
Buenos Aires

Tel: +54 11 4311 9500
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Mr Durrieu is a Doctor of Philosophy in Law (DPhil/PhD) from Oxford University, and he has a Master in Law (LLM) from Duke University School of Law. He received his law degree from the Argentine Catholic University.

Since 2002, Mr. Durrieu has been a Partner of ‘Estudio Durrieu Abogados SC’, providing legal advice to private and public agencies, in the area of tax crimes, anti-money laundering, environmental crimes, banking and exchange criminal law, anti-piracy, antitrust, fraud & asset recovery, extradition & mutual legal assistance, corporate governance and criminal law in general. He handled some of the largest and most complex criminal litigation cases in the Region. He is also a consultant to private and public organizations in anti-money laundering/corruption topics, tax crimes and criminal law in general (e.g., The Honorable Congress of Argentina and the International Monetary Fund). His legal practice encompasses all lines of criminal law, business crimes and tax crimes, as well as all procedural stages of a criminal procedure (Constitutional-Criminal Appeal Courts, National Cassation Court of Argentina and the Supreme Court of Argentina).

Within this definition we include the general activity of Estudio Durrieu regarding criminal issues. We represent both individuals and enterprises in matters related to:

(i) crimes against people, for example injuries or death caused by traffic accidents and negligence; (ii) crimes against honor, specially dissemination by the press of calumny and defamation; (iii) crimes against personal liberty, specifically burglary or disclosure of secrets; (iv) crimes against property, for example theft, robbery, extortion, property usurpation and general damages; (v) crimes against public security, like crimes in means of transportation and communication; (vi) crimes against public order, like illicit association, crime instigation and others; (vii) crimes against legal authority: document, seals and marks forgery; (viii) issuance of bad checks and forged balances; (ix) nonfulfillment of family duties; (x) copyright infringement; (xi) criminal responsibility for medical malpractice.

Estudio Durrrieu Abogados S.C. is one of the most prestigious law firms in Argentina, offering a global service in the area of criminal law/economic criminal law. The firm frequently handles some of the largest and most complex cases, and it has developed its activity both nationally and internationally. The clientele includes individuals, closed held companies as well as publicly traded multinational corporations.

The firm has an extensive network of affiliates throughout the country and abroad, which enables it to provide comprehensive assistance in the matter.

The experience acquired in the private sector, coupled with the experience gathered by assisting the Government and Non-Governmental Organizations (NGOs) has allowed the firm to develop different kinds of consulting services, as well as handling all types of court criminal cases.

Considering present-day requirements the firm is capable of providing consulting and legal services in Spanish, English, French and Portuguese.

The firm is a member of Fraudnet, the International Chamber of Commerce’s network of lawyers specializing in anti-fraud and commercial crimes and RIEDPE, the Ibero-american Network of Criminal Economic Lawyers.

The USA Embassy in Buenos Aires has included the firm among those listed for USA citizens seeking legal advice or representation in Argentina.

“Peers applaud Roberto Durrieu Jr of Estudio Durrieu Abogados for his expert knowledge on criminal law across both business and tax matters. He has experience working in the Constitutional-Criminal Appeal Courts, the National Cassation Court of Argentina and the Supreme Court of Argentina.”
Chambers & Partners, 2015