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Mr. Sherbir Panag is a Principal Associate with MZM Legal and has specialist knowledge in areas of International White Collar Crime and Criminal Compliance. Mr. Panag is well versed with both international and domestic Anti Corruption/Anti Bribery Laws and their corresponding compliance and due diligence requirements.

At MZM Legal, Mr Panag consults on a variety of criminal compliance, white collar crime and dispute resolution matters. Mr Panag regularly advises foreign companies on elements of the US Foreign Corrupt Practices Act, UK Bribery Act, OECD Anti Bribery Convention in addition to other foreign legislations dealing with bribery of foreign public officials on their applicability and challenges in India. Mr. Panag has handled diverse mandates involving financial fraud, corruption, asset recovery and debarment.

Mr Panag co leads the criminal compliance practice group with Managing Partner – Mr Zulfiquar Memon. Mr Panag’s compliance experience includes conducting FCPA investigations in India, rolling out pan India compliance programs for foreign companies, creating due diligence frameworks for third party management, conducting sector specific compliance training and providing general advice on compliance and white collar crime matters. Mr. Panag also writes as the India expert for the FCPA Professor and has been highly recommended as a “Leading White Collar Crime Lawyer” by Chambers & Partners in their 2015 Asia Pacific Guide on lawyers who know Asia.

Mr Sherbir Panag is additionally the Asia-Pacific regional coordinator for the Roxin Alliance and is intrinsically involved with all projects of the Roxin Alliance including their anti-corruption and governance working group commitments to the World Bank GFLJD.

MZM Legal is one of India’s leading Full Service Law Firms, having expertise in White Collar Criminal Defence & Criminal Compliance. The firm is associated with domestic and international clients across multiple jurisdictions, through its principal office at Mumbai, national associate offices at New Delhi, Kolkata, Chennai, Goa, Chandigarh and Ahmedabad as well as its International associate offices at Munich, Durban, London and Dubai.

The Primary Aim of the highly competent, accessible and well informed MZM Legal Team is Client Satisfaction – which is achieved through our practice of transparency and un-matched response times. Our clients are always kept involved – from the time their matters are strategized, to the execution of this strategy. The MZM Legal Team is always on call to ensure that our clients’ interests are best served and our commitment to Quality Legal Service is always honoured. Our team is further complemented by a vanguard of specialist consultants.

MZM Legal offers a wide range of Legal Services with Criminal Law at its core and is today lauded by many as one of India’s finest White Collar Criminal Defence Law Firms. The execution of Criminal Law matters in today’s inter-connected world, which is abound with exceptionally pro-active media houses, requires a special skill set which MZM Legal proudly offers. Our criminal law expertise has, by virtue of our experience, been fine tuned to deal with diverse sectors of Industry and the complex needs of High Net Worth Individuals.

The MZM Legal practice areas include White Collar Criminal Defence, Criminal Compliance, Criminal & Civil Litigation, Dispute Resolution, Economic Offences, Debt Recovery, IT Crime, International Extradition, Transnational Crime, Transactional Support Services, Family Matters, and Due Diligence & Private Investigations. Through the course of our practice we have proudly aided Companies & Individuals from various sectors including the Energy Industry, Entertainment Industry, Financial Corporations and Funds, Brokerage firms, Banks, Media Houses, Health Care Industry, Celebrities, Family Trusts, Maritime Companies and the Construction & Real Estate Sector. MZM Legal routinely undertakes retainer arrangements with Public & Private Companies, Individuals, Trusts and Funds. The firm is empanelled for white collar crime advisory with various banks, financial institutions and solicitor firms as well.

“Sherbir Panag specialises in providing compliance advice. He has impressive knowledge of foreign legislation, including the UK Bribery Act and Proceeds of Crime Act and the US Foreign Corrupt Practices Act (FCPA) and Dodd-Frank Act.”
Chambers & Partners, 2015