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David Schertler is widely recognized as one of the top white–collar criminal defense attorneys in the Washington area and nationwide. He founded Schertler & Onorato, LLP, in 1996 and has built the firm’s reputation as a premier litigation boutique through his broad experience with criminal and civil investigative and trial matters and the results that he has achieved for his clients.

Mr. Schertler is known for his skilled and tenacious representation of individuals and entities in criminal and civil investigations covering a wide range of substantive areas and conducted throughout the United States and abroad. These representations have included such high–profile matters as the KPMB tax shelter investigation in New York City; the Enron, Worldcom, and AOL financial fraud investigations; the criminal investigation and prosecution of Blackwater security guards for events occurring during the Iraq war; the Foreign Corrupt Practices Act (FCPA) “Africa Sting” prosecution dismissed by the government after consecutive trials resulted in no convictions; and the Teamsters’ corruption investigation in New York City. Mr. Schertler also has represented clients in connection with criminal and civil antitrust investigations in the United States, Asia, and South America, financial and securities investigations in the United States and Europe, and FCPA investigations worldwide.

Mr. Schertler’s practice has included investigative and trial matters involving such diverse legal areas as bribery and gratuities law, mail and wire fraud, honest services fraud, federal procurement regulations, campaign finance law, conflict of interest, health care fraud, money laundering, environmental crimes, securities and tax laws, and false statements and perjury. Mr. Schertler regularly represents clients in hearings and depositions before Congressional committees and in internal investigations conducted by a range of federal agencies, including the Securities and Exchange Commission, the Federal Election Commission, the Department of Defense, and the General Services Administration.

Schertler & Onorato’s non-white-collar criminal defense practice has deep roots in the firm. Through the background of many of our attorneys as criminal prosecutors, we are well-versed in the substance of the criminal laws and the procedures of the various local and federal court systems. We have represented clients in criminal cases of every size and variety – from complex felony prosecutions involving obstruction of justice, conspiracy, and crimes of violence, to misdemeanor cases ranging from driving while intoxicated and other traffic matters to theft, assault, destruction of property, and narcotics possession.

Our criminal defense practice also has included representations of many high-profile clients, such as professional athletes, public officials, and entertainers. We have experience interfacing with the press in matters that are of interest to the public, and we have made it our practice to engage with the media when it serves our clients’ interests. In all of our criminal defense representations, we provide our clients with experienced assistance in navigating pretrial procedures and proceedings, advising and strategizing on the range and likelihood of potential outcomes, negotiating resolutions when that is advantageous to the client, and fighting for our clients vigorously in the court system when cases proceed to trial. We also regularly assist criminal defense clients with collateral proceedings that can arise from criminal charges, such as college or university disciplinary hearings and professional licensing board inquiries.

Moreover, for criminal cases that result in outcomes that qualify for record expungement, we have in-house experience in the law and procedures and regularly assist clients with this process so that, when possible, they can move forward with their lives unhampered by a past criminal arrest. Our goal in criminal matters is to bring all of our skill and experience to bear in achieving the best possible result, both short-term and long-term, for the client.

Schertler & Onorato is an established boutique litigation firm located in Washington, D.C. Founding partners David Schertler and Danny Onorato, both former federal prosecutors, are widely recognized as among the top white–collar and non–white–collar criminal defense attorneys in the Washington area and nationwide. They regularly represent individuals and entities in criminal investigations and proceedings in the United States and abroad, including corporate internal investigations, agency enforcement matters, and high–profile trials. Within their firm, Mr. Schertler and Mr. Onorato have assembled a team of accomplished attorneys who include practitioners in civil and tax litigation, federal and state appellate litigation, whistleblower and qui tam representations, professional liability and disciplinary matters, local and federal administrative proceedings, public sector employment issues, and record sealing and expungement law.

Schertler & Onorato and its attorneys have been recognized within the Bar and among their peers for their legal skills and courtroom accomplishments. The firm has repeatedly earned a prestigious “first tier” ranking from Best Law Firms for its white–collar and non–white–collar criminal defense practice. In addition, Mr. Schertler, Mr. Onorato, and other firm lawyers have been recognized as outstanding lawyers in their fields in numerous professional surveys, including Best Lawyers in America, Washingtonian magazine’s “Best Lawyers” and “Top 30 Lawyers” lists, and the “Super Lawyers” list published in the Washington Post. Schertler & Onorato takes pride in these accolades and in representing its clients with zeal, efficiency, and integrity.

“David Schertler is highlighted for his extensive white-collar criminal defense practice, attracting particular praise for his trial expertise. He is described as a “very talented” practitioner who “is very polished in court, and does well before juries.”
Chambers & Partners, 2015